Restoration of a Collard & Collard (late Clementi) Square Piano

This is a diary, documenting the restoration of a Collard & Collard (late Clementi, Collard & Collard) Square Piano.

The firm of Collard & Collard originally started life as J Longman & Co in 1767. The company underwent various changes throughout its history and with numerous owners coming and going had a number of different names along its path as well.
The evolution of the Collard & Collard looks something like this. Longman, Lukey & Co, Longman & Broderip, Longman Clementi & CompanyClementi & Co (1802), Clementi, Collard & Collard from (1823 to 1831) and Collard & Collard.


Name: Collard & Collard (late Clementi, Collard & Collard)

Serial #: 17169, 28698

Date: 1820-1850

Keyboard compass: 75 Notes, 6 1/3 octaves, 2 sections

Key covering: Ivory

Action: English Escapement action with Southwell dampers

Single bridge, Iron hitchpin plate on right.

Collard & Collard (late Clementi) Nameboard



The casework is made from and covered with veneer. It has a shellac, French polished finish, and that finish is very dry and almost non existent in places. There are areas of the cabinet where the finish is quite worn, and there are numerous scratches, dents and other marks and damage to the body.

There are areas of the casework and lid where there is damage to the veneer, and a few places where the veneer is actually missing.