Restoration of a Collard & Collard (late Clementi) square piano

This is a restoration diary for a Collard and Collard (late Clementi) Square Piano.

Collard & Collard (late Clementi) Nameboard

The Collard and Collard firm descended from Longman & Broderip and then Clementi & Co and was run by the brothers William Frederick and Frederick William. They originally worked with Muzio Clementi and took over the company after Clementi’s death in 1832.

Upon first inspection it was realised that the instrument was in a very run-down condition. The cabinet, the action and the keys were all suffering from many years of use and perhaps misuse. This is going to be a major job to restore the piano back to playing condition.

Collard & Collard Square Piano

The initial task is to remove the action, keys etc for cleaning and to assess the overall condition and determine the work that needs to be done.