Piano Restoration and Rebuilding

There are many pianos in homes throughout the world that have been used every day for years, decades, or even for more than a century. It is therefore not  unusual for these instruments to have parts and materials that have become worn. This wear affects the pianos ability to function, play correctly and to sound to its potential. Therefore, this makes playing the instrument a difficult and unenjoyable experience, or in extreme circumstances it may prevent the piano from playing at all.

If a piano is in this situation, a course of action is needed to be taken and this course of action may be for the piano to be restored or rebuilt.

Parts and materials such as hammers,
dampers and strings may have worn
and deteriorated so
much that they need
to be replaced.

Piano action materials like felt and leather must also be renewed, to enable the action to function correctly.

Occasionally, parts may even be missing or broken, which will require replacements to be acquired or in some circumstances, made. If the making of parts is necessary, these parts will be made following the style of the original and using appropriate materials.

When it comes to restoration and rebuilding, we maintain a flexible approach to the process. If the piano is an historically important instrument, it may be appropriate to carry out a sympathetic restoration or conservation. In this process we pay careful attention to the correct use of materials and techniques

At other times, the customer may desire their piano to look and play as though it were made yesterday. The form that the rebuild or restoration takes, depends on the piano, the needs that the pianist has and the purpose that the piano will be used for.