Who brought the first piano into Australia?

So, who brought the first piano into Australia?
The first Pianoforte to land in Australia came over with George Bouchier Worgan, born May 1757 and died March 1838. George was an English naval surgeon who accompanied the First Fleet to Australia on HMS “Sirius”. The Broadwood Piano Archives of England, record that Mr Worgan purchased one of their early square pianos on 10th April, 1783, prior to his departure. It is most likely this was the piano George brought with him to the colony. In 1791, after several years living in the colony, Worgan departed, leaving his piano with Elizabeth Macarthur, wife of Lieutenant John Macarthur of the New South Wales Corps who apparently gifted it to another; it has since disappeared. George also had a doctorate of music from Cambridge University and was a close friend of George Frederick Handel [1685-1759]