New range of wooden music stands

The Piano Workshop is proud to stock a new range of wooden music stands. These are beautifly made, and are available at a very reasonable price. The range includes adjustable height stands in rosewood and walnut finish. There is even a double stand that allows duet players to face each other whilst performing. All stands […]

Who brought the first piano into Australia?

So, who brought the first piano into Australia? The first Pianoforte to land in Australia came over with George Bouchier Worgan, born May 1757 and died March 1838. George was an English naval surgeon who accompanied the First Fleet to Australia on HMS “Sirius”. The Broadwood Piano Archives of England, record that Mr Worgan purchased […]

Australian Piano Makers of the Golden Era “Gallery of Australian Piano Makers of the Golden Era”.Here you will find examples of some of the well known and not so well known excellent Australian Piano Makers of the Golden Era.Many of you will have heard of Beale and Wertheim Pianos but who made those lovely Belling and many of the nicer Victor […]

Rare Australian Hamblin Brothers Piano

Joseph Hamblin began his career building furniture for the early colonial government in Western Australia in the 1840s, before arriving in Kyneton a decade later to establish his business selling pianos to miners, church halls and local community groups. “Joseph’s early pianos date back to the 1860s, but very few are in a playable condition […]

The Joy of Piano Restoring & Repairing

When moved to Tasmania’s north-west coast in the late 1980s, he didn’t pack light. The lifelong musician and engineer brought his grand piano with him from Melbourne. But when he couldn’t find a piano tuner, he decided it was time for a career change. For the next 30 years, Mr Tucker has travelled across Tasmania, […]

Sight and sound of music

A piano is not just a musical instrument but also a piece of furniture that becomes the focal point of the room. A piano hits all the right notes in the homes of those who have musicality in mind. But, being a proficient piano player isn’t a prerequisite to having a music room, which can […]

8 Ways to Make Your Piano Room Sing

Turn your upright piano into the star of the room or a great supporting player. If you have a new or used piano or are pondering the idea, here are some tips on finding a stylish place where your piano sounds and looks great. My sister just added a beautiful black upright piano to […]

Steinway Sold for $438 million

Steinway Musical Instruments Inc was founded in 1853 in a loft on Manhattan’s lower west side. It is most famous for Steinway & Sons pianos, but today its products include Bach Stradivarius trumpets, Selmer Paris saxophones, C.G. Conn French horns, Leblanc clarinets, King trombones, and Ludwig snare drums. Steinway announced on Monday July 1st that […]