Amphion Piano Player Company

The Amphion Piano Player Company, Syracuse, New York, manufactured several models of pneumatic piano playing mechanisms incorporating the well known features of the regular Amphion mechanism. Amphion mechanisms were sold only to manufacturers of pianos, and were installed by many different piano manufacturers. In Australia it is found in the pianola made by the famous Beale piano factory.

A special feature of this action is the unit construction whereby each part is made, tested and installed as an independent and interchangeable unit, as, for instance, the bellows, the pneumatic action, the motor, the governor, the cut-off box, and the expression devices. Should any unit be damaged, or should considerable advance be made on any part in the development of the pneumatic art, the unit so damaged or improved can be instantly replaced with a new unit without taking down the mechanism and without any relation to any other part thereof.

More information may be found at Player-Care

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