Should I Buy a New Piano?

One of the first questions that people ask when looking to buy a piano, is whether they should buy brand new, or look for an older instrument.

Restored Pianos:

  • Have a superior tone compared to most modern pianos
  • Mostly were hand-made
  • Have more elegant cabinets, more beautiful veneers – sometimes with intricate engravings
  • They hold their value better than new pianos
  • are NOT made with chip-board or ‘MDF’ board, nor do they have any plastic components
  • Many have real Ivory key-tops
  • Were built by craftsmen using solid, seasoned wood to a high standard and thus have a life expectancy of 80-100 years before the need for restoration

New Pianos:

  • The majority are mass-produced in assembly-line style factories.
    In order to keep manufacturing costs down, the quality of parts used varies, kilns are used to artificially ‘season’ wooden parts and even soundboards can be made out of multi-laminated wood
  • Cabinets are usually quite plain and lack character.
  • They lose their value quicker, compared to traditional pianos.