Should I Register my Kawai warranty?

Your new Kawai piano needs to have the “Preparation Checklist” carried out after it is unboxed. A grand piano contains some 10,000 parts, and will have had a long journey from the manufacturing facilities to your retailer.

The Preparation Checklist is Kawai’s assurance that the piano has has not been damaged before it was unboxed and that it arrives at your home or studio in top condition. It is also your assurance that the piano has been properly initialised before you sit down to play. The checklist is printed on the back of your Kawai Acoustic Piano Warranty Card, and will be signed and dated by the technician who carried out the service. You’ll find the full text of the Preparation Checklist on the second page of the warranty card.

If you have recently purchased a new Kawai piano, please go to Register your warranty here to inform Kawai of your purchase. Select “Piano World Australia” for “Name of Store”, and type “Scott Jackson” for “Dealer Preparation Checklist signed by”. They also request that you upload a copy of your purchase receipt.