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Disassembling the Lower Player Piano Action

The lower player piano action consists of numerous components. These include the pumping bellows, pumping pedals, reservoirs and trunk. Various gaskets and valves will be found located here also. All of these parts must be disasembled so that the restoration work can commence on each individual component.

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The Restoration Commences

Work has now commenced on my latest player piano (pianola) restoration project.

Firstly, all the components from the entire player piano action must be removed from the piano.

Pictured below are the various parts of the player piano action.

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WH Paling Victor Player Piano (Pianola)

A New Year, A New Restoration.

The new year brings with it a new restoration project. This latest project is a Victor WH Paling Player Piano or pianola, as they are often called. This particular restoration will involve a total rebuild of the player piano action, as the player piano is not in working order at all.

Throughout this diary, i will be documenting each part of the restoration process, so you will be able to follow along and see all that is involved with this particular rebuild.