Caring for your piano

Ambient Conditions

Wood and felt are highly sensitive to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. During the heating period a standard good-quality humidifier should be used to control and regulate humidity. The most favourable environment for your piano is a relative humidity ranging between 45% and 70% and a constant temperature of approximately 20˚C. Sudden fluctuations in temperature must be avoided as the tuning and regulation might be influenced negatively.

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Clementi Square Piano


Clementi square piano with lid raised

If you have a piano that looks like this, congratulations, you have an instrument that is quite rare in Australia. If you would like to have it totally restored, then you have come to the right place.

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The Beale Piano

When, 25 years ago, the present managing director founded the Beale Piano Company, little did he anticipate the fame which that modestly started firm would in the near future acquire; that it has done so, that the firm has risen from such modest beginnings to the position it now occupies, capitalised for nearly half a million sterling, and enjoying a world-wide reputation, must be taken as an eloquent testimonial as to the value of the products of the hive of industry, situate near Sydney.

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