Square Piano Restoration

At The Piano Workshop we offer a specialist repair & restoration service for the Square Piano. It is our aim to uphold the history of these special instruments and to preserve theirĀ authenticity for future generations.

The process that is undertaken, generally involves total disassembly, exacting restoration, rebuilding and re-finishing to restore them faithfully to their original character, with the purpose of returning the instrument to a playable condition.

We take care of every part of the restoration process including action, soundboard, cabinet etc. When restored, these parts all come together to re-create each instruments original beauty, authentic character and integrity.

Many different materials are involved in the restoration process. These materials take the form of various kinds of leather, including deer and goat skin, vellum, cloth and timber etc. Throughout the restoration process, it is important to maintain the use of traditional materials and methods.

Often, because of their age, these instruments are in a very run down condition, with some parts and materials being very worn, or in fact actually missing. During the restoration process, wherever possible, we attempt to use original parts, however when this is not possible or where the parts are missing, we will actually make an accurate replacement.

Every restoration project is documented and photographed.