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The metronome is an instrument that is used for marking musical tempo. Many different forms have been in use since the first was created in 1696. The traditional style and the most common now in use is the clockwork driven metronome, which was patented by Maelzel in 1815. These metronomes are in the shape of a pyramid and have a pendulum that swings back and forth on a pivot and makes a ticking sound. The speed is adjusted by moving a sliding weight. Some metronomes have a bell sound...



  • Wittner Taktell Piccolo Metronomes

    The Piccolo metronome is made in Germany by the Wittner company. They are a compact metronome and feature a strong, reliable clockwork mechanism with a full tempo range and a clear audible click. Wittner offers a range of fashionable colours to match your personal style.

  • Wittner SuperMini Metronome

    The Wittner Supermini metronome is the most compact, pocket sized metronome in the range.

  • Wittner Animal Metronomes

    The Wittner animal style metronomes are a fun way of encouraging children to practice and to show them the benefits of using a metronome when making music. These friendly characters offer all the features and quality of the standard Wittner metronomes.

  • Wittner Traditional Plastic Case Metronome

    The Wittner Maelzel range of metronomes are traditional style pyramid metronomes. They feature a plastic case with a woodgrain finish to match with your piano or the decor of a musicroom. These German made metronomes have a clockwork mechanism with a swinging pendulum and a bell sound which can be added to the clicking rhythm and made strike on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 6th beat.

  • Wittner Traditional Pyramid Wooden Case Metronomes

    Wittner is world famous for producing the highest quality wooden case metronomes. They are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards and have become an essential piece of musical equipment in every musicroom. The traditional Wittner Maelzel metronomes feature a precision made clockwork mechanism with a swinging pendulum that produces a pure, rich, clicking rhythm. The bell feature that can be added to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th beat will assist you in your precious rehearsal time. These wooden case metronomes are available in several elegant finishes including mahogany, walnut and ebony, with a choice of classic satin or high polish to further compliment the distintive style of your piano or musicroom.


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